My Beauty Regimen

Here are some of the beauty products I use the most, you can get all of these at your local grocery store. I don't really use that many products on the daily so it's kind of a short list. Coconut oil is something I use for everything from oil pulling to moisturizer. When I don't … Continue reading My Beauty Regimen


All Natural Beauty Brands

All of my friends say I'm the hippie of the group, I'm the free spirited one that makes her own beauty products and has a style totally unique. One of the things that I do is I try not to use brands that test on animals or have any harmful chemicals especially if they go … Continue reading All Natural Beauty Brands


Lingerie, I feel, is very misunderstood in society. I view it as something that makes a person feel good about themselves not something you wear for your significant other. It makes you feel good, powerful, strong, sexy and its totally okay to wear it whenever you feel like it. So I am going to share … Continue reading Lingerie