About Me

Hey my name is Alaina,

One of the things I am very passionate about is inspiring, and lifting up the people around me. I believe it is very important to make others feel good about themselves as well as feeling good about yourself, that being said I started this blog because I want to make my readers feel good about themselves, feel inspired, creative, kind, and loved.


I am quite young and still deciding what to do with my life so my interest are insanely varied, because I am still looking for my niche (though I’m pretty sure its going to be something to do with art or cars). Some of the things that I do are:

  • Photography
  • Welding
  • Painting
  • Autocross (racing cars)
  • Drawing

I do a lot because I like to try new things, God made a beautiful world for us with so many different people, customs, traditions, and languages in it that it would be disrespectful not to experience it to the fullest.


I would love to be is a world traveler, it absolutely amazes me how varied my culture is compared to others and its overwhelming to step into a new one. If we understood how other cultures worked and why they act the way they do or believe in whatever they believe in, the world would be a much nicer place. Because being able to understand and empathize with someone completely different from you is a super power.


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