My Beauty Regimen

Here are some of the beauty products I use the most, you can get all of these at your local grocery store. I don’t really use that many products on the daily so it’s kind of a short list.


Coconut oil is something I use for everything from oil pulling to moisturizer.


When I don’t have time for the no-poo method I use Alba Botanica’s all natural shampoo and conditioner. It smells wonderful and works really well.


Summer’s Eve is a wonderful company that specializes in soaps, deodorant, wipes and anything else you could possibly need for a healthy coochie. Just remember to get everything non scented so that it doesn’t upset your pH balance.


Finally the deep treatment masque from Shae Minerals , this is for strengthening your hair so I use it every couple days just to keep my hair healthy.


I use the tummy butter because it gives you great results on every part of your body (for me its my hips and thighs). I put it on before bed and rub it in and I love it.

So there’s my favorites, they all make you smell like summer its wonderful. I definitely recommend all of these and I hope you try them and love them.


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