This is pictures from my school trip to Paris, I hope you enjoy because I know I loved taking them. I love the culture, the language, the customs, the food its all so interesting to see how different kinds of people live in contrast to how you do.


This was before you get to the touristy part of Paris. I was sitting in the bus and was baffled by the amount of graffiti in the city. You don’t really believe that Paris is really dirty until you actually see it.


This is the view from my hotel room, which was really really small but we had the top floor and looking back it is totally my favorite, because it was such a small quaint hotel. The elevator could only fit one person and it was carnival themed with murals on all four tiny walls. We were over looking the train system and it made the lights absolutely gorgeous.


This was when we visited Versailles (which is totally worth it if you are thinking of going) and one of the sections in the huge garden out back didn’t have a guard in it so I shoved my camera into my friend’s hands and said take my picture as I climbed onto the pedestal. I jumped down as people walked into the garden.


When we visited the Eiffel Tower, which fun fact the french actually hated when it was first built they thought it was the ugliest heap of metal they had ever seen, we took the steps. When I’m in a rush but I still want the picture I just point and shoot, my photography teacher said that was a thing and gave us and assignment to close our eyes, point, and shoot. Now I use it all the time.


This is the Louvre, I was so excited to go, this might have been the pinnacle of the whole trip for me. Surrounded by a museum full of art that’s so big you can get lost in it, that’s my heaven.


This was also one of my favorite places, it was a square packed with artists booths and coffee shops on every corner. I spent so much money on art I can’t even count it all. This trip was absolutely wonderful, the culture shock is unreal. You feel like a sardine with all the people and it’s awesome. I’m a total sucker for travel, so if y’all have any suggestions then feel free to let me know.



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