My Boyfriend

I just wanted to share this wonderful person with y’all because he means the world to me.

He was my Junior Prom date and is totally sweet. He is always really nice and supportive. He doesnt even blink if I have a “female emergency” and has to go to the store. He even asks question actually, which I love because its so important for people other than girls to know how that stuff like that works.

One of my favorite features are his eyes because its like swimming in an ocean. He actually can’t stand pictures but I make him pose all the time and when he gets frustrated he widens his eyes like this. This isn’t edited either his eyes are really that bright.

He gave me a Teddy Bear for Valentines day and of course being the Photographer thay I am I made him pose.

Booty grabs are always accepted in our relationship,  but if I say no for whatever reason he always backs off no questions asked. He never tries to pressure or be mean he is always a sweetie.


This was Easter with my family after church. My mother wanted pictures of everyone including my boyfriend and he got all shy it was super cute.

We are also both in Welding together and he is acting like a goof ball in this photo. But he is my goof ball and I absolutely love him.


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