Pros and Cons of being a Female welder

I am in school to become a welder right now, and I absolutely love it. There is one other girl in my class and the rest are boys, I think there is about 25 of us. This is just some of the stuff that I think of when I’m in the weld shop.


  1. Long hair sucks
  2. If you have a big chest the crop top welding jackets don’t cover anything
  3. Skinny jeans and boots is a mistake you only make once
  4. All the gear is made for men (and I am quite small so someone  fix this)
  5. “What are all those spots on your arm?”
  6. No cute welding gear
  7. sexism is totally a thing
  8. I have yet to see as many funny welding merchandise for women as I do for men


  1. The look of fear on a mans face when you say you are a welder

That one Pro out weighs everything else, because it makes you feel powerful, smart, and all around awesome because it is a demanding job and there are tons of women out there that do it better than anyone they work with and I am so proud of y’all.


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