Shay & Boyd Chapter 2

The second Chapter of Shay and Boyd and I will be putting these all together on Wattpad which you can see online or get the app and my username is aliana166.

“Shay, I don’t think this is a good idea.” I try to sound sure of my words but they come out wobbly.

She looks across the console at me in the dim lighting of the moon outside, her eyes sparkling with a hint of wild amidst the warm brown, “Boyd, you have to loosen up, be a little careless.” Her hair framing her face, subtle blonde highlights, where the sun has kissed her adorn her hair in small strips amongst the many colors of auburn and caramel.

I ponder her words, the moon beaming through the peeling tint on the windows of my Chevy. I can see the City’s one lonely pool and diving board down the hill from us. Void of people due to it being the middle of the night. I look down at my phone in my lap and see the time.

1:00 a.m.

The backlight of the screen shouts at my eyes in the darkness of the night. I hear Shay shift on the bench seat next to me and look up to see waves of gold and red glimmering in the small breeze coming from the cracked window. A sudden need to pull her close and kiss her soft pink lips overcomes me but instead I speak, “What if there are cameras?”

Her head turns to me and she gives me a look as if to say, really Boyd, we live in a town the size of the tip of a pin they are not gonna have cameras. I feel the faint pink color come to my cheeks, “Okay I got you,” I say dropping my gaze from her, “I’m still nervous.”

“Well do you know how to combat being nervous?” A smirk grips her mouth.

I look up at her staying quiet.

“Say fuck it.”

She opens the door and practically jumps out due to my truck having a lift on it, her hair bouncing as she hits the pavement. I do the same and follow her down to the hill, her giggles tickling my ears as she leads us up to the fence. She goes to the wall of the building where the fence is suppose to meet it but instead the bottom edge curls into itself leaving a space just big enough for the two of us to squeeze through. The pool is glowing a pale blue with the lights within it’s walls, Shay’s bare feet pad along the hard concrete. I follow the slender shape of her in the dim light of the moon through the maze of cheap reclining pool chairs. We both approach the edge and are silent for a moment. Shay’s face is shadowed from below, the water creating shimmering ripples across the underside of her cheekbones.

“We don’t have bathing suits, what now?” I say, I run my hand through my hair and cross my arms. I hear the rustle of clothing from Shay and look over to see she has thrown her jacket behind her, and is unbuttoning her pants, “What are you doing?” I strain to keep my eyes on her face instead of the pale skin being slowly revealed on her hips and thighs.

“What?” She says and her deep, round, brown eyes meet mine. Her hands reach to my hips and graze over the brown leather of my belt. Shay’s slim fingers fiddle with my belt buckle and I suck in a breath as they graze my abdomen leaving goosebumps in their wake. Her bottom lip slips between her teeth and all I can think is I should be biting that.

She undoes the button and zipper, pauses for a moment then snaps the elastic band of my underwear against my the sensitive skin of my stomach, “That’s just mean.” I say smiling when a giggle slips past her pink lips at the blush on my cheeks. She takes a step back and leaves me to undress myself. Her gaze heavy, following my hands as I remove my shirt and pants. I cross my arms over my bare chest and meet her eyes for a split second before looking back at the water.

“Why are you covering yourself? Do you think I’m going to judge you?” Shay’s brows pull inward. Her hands take my hands and place them on her hips, she takes a step to the side so that my back is to the pool. She puts a hand on my chest and weaves the other into my hair, “You are so wonderful, I would never judge you.” Her lips come closer to mine, so close I feel her breath, her lips brush mine with every word, “I love you, Boyd.”

She is so close but not close enough, the touch of her lips brushing mine, the feel of her breath is intoxicating, “I lov-” My words are cut short by a pressure against my chest and the feeling of cold water engulfing me.

Shay falls on top of me, bubbles rising around her, hair splayed out and levitating in a red mass framing her face. We both surface and the first thing I hear is the most beautiful laughter, as I shake the hair out of my eyes. Dark red swirls of hair stick to her face and the curve of her chest. Her head tipped back in utter joy and arms around my shoulders.

“Incase you didn’t catch that, I said I love you too.” I laugh.

Shay kisses me through our smiles. A hot, wet kiss filled with carelessness and the lack of self control between us. She shivers and presses her front to mine for warmth, trailing kisses up my neck. I fumble for the clasp of her bra, looking her in the eyes silently questioning if this is okay. She nods her head my fingers fumble further under my nerves, even though this isn’t my first time doing this Shay still makes me nervous every time.

She giggles and whispers reassuringly, “It’s totally fine, babe.” Before unclasping it herself.

She slides the straps down her slim arms, and throws it on top of her other clothes. My hands tangle in her hair, while hers tease the elastic of my underwear. Shay snaps them against my stomach again with a laugh falling from her lips. I make a sound of protest and step back, she pouts and swims toward me, but stops when I send a wave of water into her cheek.


“Quit teasing me!” My words were cut short by a her splash smacking me.

This soon escalated into a full blown fight full of laughing and yelling for the other to stop when water went up our noses. Trying to hide under water but every time your surface you get smacked by another splash. Giggling at the faces the other one makes when they are slapped with water.

“Who’s there!?” A deep voice yells from the entrance of the pool.

I meet Shay’s eyes, and she mouths to me run, we both jump out of the pool and grab our clothes as we B-line for the hole in the fence. Out of the corner of my eye I see a man run after us but he is to big to fit through the fence. My lungs burn as I try and keep pace with Shay, running up the hill to my truck, she almost trips trying to put her shirt back on.

“Don’t bother with clothes, let’s get out of here first!” I whisper yell to her swinging the car door open, and hauling myself up. I don’t waste time cranking the truck up, and as soon as I here her door close I screech tires, throwing clumps of grass behind me. In my rearview I see headlights in the distance, and I stand on the gas. I take a couple turns and careen my way through downtown, and onto a backroad. We ride for a couple more minutes just to be safe.

“Okay pull over and lets get dressed.” Shay’s voice floats from the passenger’s seat. The truck comes to an idle with two tires on the cracked concrete and two in the dew covered grass.

I pull my shirt over my head and try not to hit the horn as I pull my pants up my legs. I look over at Shay to see her pale thighs almost glowing under the moon, disappearing beneath her faded blue jeans. She sucks in to button them up and looks at me when she is completely dressed.

I look at her for a moment before I speak, “I can’t believe I just did that.” I exhale, feeling my adrenaline finally stop pumping.

A laugh bubbles out of her, “But you had fun didn’t you?”

I hesitate, thinking back over what just happened, “Yeah, I did actually.”

“See, alot of people love to be daring, they just need a little push,” She pecks my lips sweetly, “So I gave you a little push.”


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