Lingerie, I feel, is very misunderstood in society. I view it as something that makes a person feel good about themselves not something you wear for your significant other. It makes you feel good, powerful, strong, sexy and its totally okay to wear it whenever you feel like it. So I am going to share a couple of really good Lingerie companies:

  1. Serpent Lane– I was watching Buzzfeed on Youtube the other day and they did a segment with the owner of this company. The owner of the company talked about how she wanted to create a place for people to feel safe about buying lingerie so she created Serpent Lane. Her content ranges from pole dancing apparel to basic bras and panties and is made of quality material.
  2. Adoreme– I found this company through their Instagram. They specialize in everything from small to plus size (but actual plus size not what society thinks is plus size) they make sure that all of their larger bras have color, lace, frills, and are just all around pretty and sexy.
  3. Swim Suits for All– this isn’t lingerie but if you are looking for a super cute swim suit this is where to go. They make swim wear in all shapes and sizes and is founded by a plus size model who wants everyone to feel good in their own bodies.
  4. Aerie– this is by American Eagle and it I have a couple pieces from them and they are wonderful, they are comfortable and affordable, not to mention very well made. Sales and Clearance are always on too.
  5. For Love & Lemons– this company is rather expensive but their lingerie is so pretty and strappy and totally awesome, so if you have the money to splurge this is a great place to go. Not to mention they have a very unique style.

These are just a couple and I will totally find more, these are just my favorite ones. Hope y’all enjoy!


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