My Photography

One of the things very near and dear to my heart is photography. I see it as something that helps me express what I value in life, and also it makes the people I take pictures of feel good about themselves, to see a finished photo of themselves makes people feel gorgeous. I love to take pictures, mostly of people, because the human body is absolutely beautiful no matter what shape. To capture that in a photo is amazing to me.


This is a picture of one of my friends for her senior casuals, and its one of my favorites because she was actually jamming out to her boyfriend attempting to rap along to a song playing from his phone. I love the carefree air to her movement and how the dress is splayed out at her hips.


This is my little sister, we both have bright red hair. I took this one after church on Easter, because my mom wanted family photos. I love this one because it seems very intense to me with her hair bright red and her gaze straight into the camera.


This picture is of my boyfriend who actually hates photos so i had to fight him for this one. Details are really intriguing to me, the laugh lines show how happy your life is, the clear eyes show how healthy you are and that you treat your body well. You can learn a lot about somebody by the little details on them.

So that is a little snippet of my photography and why I like it so much. These are all my photos please don’t steal.


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