Shay & Boyd

I had a ton of trouble deciding what my first post was going to be on, but finally I decided to share with y’all something that I started with my best friend, I write and she edits. I wanted to create a book of short stories meant to be date ideas (kind of like when you are scrolling through tumblr and you see a list of AU’s). So here is my first installment of Shay and Boyd.

Slightly tan skin littered with freckles on top of her shoulders and cheekbones, eyes catching the light and brought out by the forest green of the silk draped over her the top of her thighs and falling to the floor. Perched on the plain wooden stool in the middle of the room, light falling on the curves of her chest and thighs. Legs crossed and arms perfectly placed in her lap, my brush recreates her beauty with soft strokes of caramel and blush to highlight her rosy cheeks, with red and gold I paint waves down the canvas to embody the locks that fall around her face. Melodies float through the air, coaxing the motions of my brush across the canvas.

“Can I move yet?” Her voice soft and pleading, pulling me slightly from my haze,  obviously getting stiff from sitting so long in one position.

“Just a little longer, Shay.” I drag my brush over the rough canvas as I reply.

Minutes pass as I study her and the paint slathered on the board in front of me. Making sure I capture her coloring and curves in a way that will do her justice as she sits in front of me, “Okay you can come look if you want.” I disrupt the music flowing through the air. I used to be nervous about showing her my paintings or sketches, but the more we started coming to the studio the more comfortable I got with her. I could discern if the person walking toward the studio door was her by the way her feet sounded against the wood flooring. The way she spoke, her voice soft and intimate when she says my name conveying a million emotions in just a few syllables. I know her like I know the back of my hand.

She slides off the stool and gathers the green fabric around her like a nightgown as she makes her way around my easel to see the my work

“This is really good, Boyd.” She studies the painting still clutching the green sheet of silk around her, red hair cascading down her back in waves of gold and orange, she looks over her shoulder at me with soft eyes, “You have paint all over you.” She giggles.

I look down at my arms and shirt and sure enough I’m covered in rich colors, “My bad.” I feel my face heat up and I turn to the sink to wash it off.

“Aw you’re blushing!” Shay says a smile pulling at her lips, she hugs me from behind.

“I am not,” I reply even though my face is really pink, “Why don’t you put that away and put your clothes on.” I say to change the subject even though that’s the last thing I want for her to do.

“If you say so.” She says and runs a hand through my brown waves as she pulls away from me to her clothes folded neatly on the truck in by the bare brick wall.

I get most of the paint off my arms and turn toward Shay, there is a wildness to her that shows in her eyes, in the way her hair falls in burning waves against her angel kissed cheeks, in how she glows when she talks about things she loves. I notice it like you notice everything about the one they love. I barely catch her back side disappearing behind an over-sized, chunky, cream colored sweater. It falls just above mid thigh and she smooths down the front before sitting down on the trunk and sliding on her dark grey thigh high socks.

“Wait, freeze right there.” I say and move over to my backpack to grab my camera. I raise it and capture the image of her on the trunk rolling her sock up her calf, the length of her legs accented beautifully on the small screen of my camera.

“How does it look?” She asks as she rolls the rest of her sock up to her legs. I walk over and she moves to examine the image placed on the screen, “I love it, and I love how you just saw that out of nowhere.”

“What can I say? My mind thinks in brush strokes.” I meet her soft brown eyes, “It’s also not hard to see when something so beautiful is sitting right next to me.” Her face turns a light pink across her cheekbones as she registers my words and her hand pulls the back of my neck down so that my lips meet hers. Her lips part slightly and I slide my tongue across Shay’s bottom lip to tease her slightly. Her fingers play with the hair at the nape of my neck, and she pulls away.

“You are too sweet,” Shay says as I lower myself to sit next to her, “Do you wanna order pizza and just hang out here for a while?”

“Yeah we can do that.” I reply with a smile thrown in her direction. I pull my phone out of my back pocket and go to my Pizza Hut app, “You want your usual?” I ask her glancing up to see her already looking at me.

“Is that even a question?” She giggles, “Don’t forget the Apple Pie Bites, it’s my favorite.”

Her brown eyes sparkle as she pulls her knees up to her chest and wraps her arms around them. I look back down at my phone and tap in the order. I slide my phone into my back pocket and lean back against the red brick wall, Shay slides up next to me and lays her head lightly on my shoulder.

I lay my head on top of her’s and ask, “When are you free again? Because I have a wonderful idea for a photo shoot.”

She doesn’t move but replies softly, “Well I’m already here and your camera is in your lap?” Shay hints and lays a hand on my knee.

I look down slightly at my camera and then at her sock covered legs resting against my thigh, “Yeah let’s do it right now.” I say and she raises her head and looks at me as I stand from my seat on the trunk.

I walk over to the side of the room that’s filled with photography equipment and set up a tripod on the edge of the black backdrop. I fiddle with the controls on the camera before I set up the lights in the places that I know will accent her curves and bone structure. She walks over to the back drop and stands in front of my lens. I bring the wooden stool from the center of the painting area for her to sit on and she takes a seat on it and waits for me to give instruction.

“What do you want me to do, Boyd?” She says running a hand through her hair.

“Put one leg outstretched so it looks long and the other, keep it bent so your knee is by your chest and you can rest on it.” She moves her body like I say and stares into the lense.

Shay’s hair is thrown over one side in waves, and the sleeve of her sweater falls down as she tips her head back and the flash goes off as I press the trigger freezing her beauty in the camera. She moves occasionally to a different position allowing me to create a work of art every time the blinding quick light of the flash goes off. Her coloring and curves highlighted perfectly in every frozen memory held tight in the camera.

“Why don’t you set it on timer and come here?” Shay speaks up above the indie music playing in the background.

I set the camera on timer, walk up to her and the flash goes off. She wraps her arms and the flash captures her hands entwining themselves in my soft brown curls. I move my hands to her waist, she stands up off the stool and pulls me gently by my hair so that my front is flush to her, and the flash goes off. Her pink lips are centimeters from mine and her breath is minty on my lips, and the flash goes off. My eyes close and I capture her lips with mine they mold to mine softly, my eyelids go white with flash. My hands dip lower and give a squeeze, she smiles into the kiss and slides her tongue across my bottom lip and the flash blinds us again. We continue, the camera freezing our exposed skin, ruffled hair sticking in every direction, clothes being tugged at and the heat between us.

A knock at the door pauses our movements, “That’s the pizza, I spose.” My voice breathy and low.

“I’ll get it.”  She volunteers, smoothing her sleeves back over her slim shoulders and smoothing her tangled hair. She takes a step back from me and my hands fall from her waist, I watch her walk toward the door fidgeting with the hem of her sweater.

The door opens to reveal a skinny blonde boy clutching a pizza in his arms wearing an over animated hat with a logo on the front, and she reaches for her wallet on the table but I run over and interrupt, “Hey wait, I got this.” I say and pull a five out of my pocket and exchange it for the pizza and lava cake.

The door shuts behind us and Shay speaks, “You didn’t have to do that, I could have payed.” She leads me over to the backdrop, takes a seat on the floor, and opens the pizza.

“Yeah you could have, I have no doubt, but I wanted to be nice.” I reply, and take a seat next to her. I reach for the pizza and watch her as she takes a bite and sauce slides down her chin. She bends forward so she doesn’t get the sauce on her sweater and giggles as she wipes it off and takes another bite. I smile at her, taking in her beauty even in the simplest things like eating pizza she is still the love of my life.


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